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Communication, engagement and transparency are key for the success of any HOA. Keep your owners and residents actively engaged using PayHOA’s mass communication tools. We offer many different channels for communication, so your messages will meet homeowners where they are. From sending a reminder about an event, a notification of a community project, or a warning in an emergency, we’ve got you covered.Save time, energy, and money for your association with our built-in mailing system.Use our message boards to keep open lines of communication with your homeowners. Ditch the listserv and create fluid, organized conversations with threads. Messages are viewable via email or in the homeowners’ portals.Build a fully functional, branded website for your association giving owners and outsiders a place to explore the ins and outs of your community.

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All Broadcast Messages Are Free & UnlimitedMail Tracking

Reach your community whenever you need to without worrying about additional costs.Track USPS delivery status of all mail sent through the PayHOA platform.

Broadcast SchedulingCustom Branded Mail

Schedule communication broadcasts in advance to reach homeowners at the most convenient times.Maintain a professional community image with customized mail.





Easily Send Emails to Your Homeowners

Send a branded email to the entire community or a selected group. Track deliveries, opens, and clicks from a broadcast dashboard.

Communication Log

A built-in paper trail for tracking all communication sent to every owner in the community allows you to see a complete communication history.

Reach Out with SMS Texts

Quickly connect with residents through mass text messaging for important updates and reminders.


Automated Phone Calls

Send an automated phone call to your owners to make announcements and send reminders. This is a great option if you are missing an email address.


Interactive Calendar

Create and post events on your calendar, invite your homeowners, automatically send reminders, and make people happy. Amenity reservations are coming soon!


Mail invoices directly to your owners. All PayHOA invoices are sent USPS First Class Mail, are trackable, and include a perforated payment slip and return envelope.

Violation Letters

Send timely violation notices, so you can get your problems solved quickly.

Vendor Checks

Save yourself a stamp and a trip to the post office. Directly mail vendor checks with a click of a button.

Custom Documents

Mail letters, newsletters, welcome packets, or any custom document to your community with the confidence that it will arrive on time.

Bulletin Boards

Block out the noise with a bulletin board that prevents homeowners from responding to announcements. Keep the messaging clear by eliminating the worry of unnecessary comments.

Group Communication

Provide your board, committees, and groups a safe place to communicate and share ideas. The ARC committee and tennis club will love you!

Open Forums

Engage the entire community through an open forum. Allow for association-wide conversations about any topic affecting your organization, keeping owners informed and happy.

Keep Your Communication Private

Avoid public social media platforms and keep your neighborhood business private. Only homeowners with logins can view your communications.

Weebly-Powered Websites

Our Weebly integration allows you to build and design the website your association has always needed, directly through the PayHOA platform.

User-Friendly, Drag-And-Drop Tools

Create and update your website effortlessly with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

Custom Website Templates

Don’t worry about coming up with your own designs or starting from scratch. We’ve got you covered with our HOA-specific templates.

Branded Login Pages

Avoid confusion for homeowners by sending them to a branded, association-specific login page that will take them directly to their PayHOA portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can send mass emails, phone calls and text messages through PayHOA to the entire community and/or to groups of people within the association.

Through your PayHOA portal, you can send mass or individual mailings directly to your homeowners. You will not have to worry about keeping printer ink and paper around. From the “Mailroom” you can send invoices, violations, billpay checks to vendors or any type of letter or packet to homeowners.

No! Message boards are included in your subscription price.

No! The website builder is an optional, add-on feature. We find that many HOAs can thrive without a front-facing website with the use of PayHOA.

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