About PayHOA

Our mission is to make life easier for HOA managers and homeowners.

Most associations use dozens of spreadsheets or tools to manage their day-to-day tasks. We built an all-in-one software platform to replace all those fragmented tools so accounting, communications, payments, documents, violations, and owner requests can all live in one place.

PayHOA is the single portal where homeowners can make online payments, view payment history, important documents, submit requests, and update contact information.

In short, PayHOA makes managing an HOA easy and it leads to happier homeowners that have better visibility and fewer barriers to paying their dues.

Who We Are


We are a dedicated team of innovators with combined experience of more than 50 years in management and payment software. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky.

What we believe in

Customer Commitment

We exist to help you

Be Curious

We ask questions and think outside the box to solve problems

Satisfaction Never

We strive for constant improvement

Never Stop Innovating

We listen to your ideas and find ways to make them happen

Stand Up

We do what is right, not what is easy

Guiding Principles


Keeping it simple

Software should be easy to use, without reading a manual.


Fair pricing

We hate hidden fees, so we made our pricing transparent and easy to understand. No surprises, ever!


Customer support

Our support staff is located in the USA, and we are only an email away.

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