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Automated Violation ManagementCustom Request FormsComprehensive Document StorageSurveysOwner Portal

Handle your violations like an expert using our powerful, automated violation management system. Send as many as you want, add pictures, create templates, and create a custom experience in your HOA management software.Ditch the paper forms of the past and get rid of your filing cabinets. Taking your request forms online is easy with our HOA software featuring our custom form builder. Customize your questions and response types, add custom statuses, and create approval workflows.Effortlessly upload and access essential documents like meeting minutes, bylaws, and historical financial records in your HOA Software.Forget the piles of paper and manual tabulation of votes with online surveys. Get feedback directly from the homeowners with the ability to vote on pretty much anything.Empower homeowners with a personalized, all-in-one hub that simplifies online payments, financial tracking, household management, and community engagement. Our Owner Portal offers a robust, user-friendly experience, reducing the need for constant inquiries to the board.

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Free & Unlimited ViolationsOnline RequestsMulti-format Document SupportLive, Reportable ResultsOne-click Payments & Autopay

Send unlimited violations to as many homeowners as you need.Streamline your request processes by digitizing paper forms. Correspond with homeowners with the request ticketing system.Store documents in various formats, including .pdf, .xls, .csv, .doc, .png, and more.Survey results are calculated live and are easily viewable, trackable, and shareable.Easily make ACH and credit card payments with a single click or set up autopay and take it easy.

Create Fines for a ViolationCustom Statuses for RequestsFree & Unlimited StorageSurvey ArchivesAccount History at Your Fingertip

Easily add and track fines from the violation page on your HOA portal.Create, name, and organize custom statuses for requests, streamlining workflow management and providing greater flexibility in monitoring and processing requests.Enjoy free and unlimited storage capacity to keep your important documents safe and secure.Maintain an archive of past surveys and their results for reference and historical analysis.Homeowners can view all their invoices and payment history, eliminating questions to the board.

Unlimited Owners Per Unit

Add more than one owner to each unit. Every owner has their own account and can make payments toward the unit's balance.

Change of Ownership

Never lose data when homes change hands.

Unlimited Custom Templates

Use templates to save your work and resend it to different homeowners. Trigger different templates by changing the status to automate the process.

Custom Statuses

Create custom statuses like first notice, second notice, board hearing, etc., to meet your needs. When you change statuses, you can update the template and notify the owner automatically.

Full Reporting

Produce professional violation tracking reports to keep the committee and board informed on what is happening in the association.

Violation Mailer

If your bylaws require your violations to be mailed, we have your back! Mail violations directly through PayHOA with delivery confirmation.

Architectural Requests

Let homeowners submit change requests online and direct them to the correct committee for online approval, all on the request ticket in our HOA software.

Maintenance Requests

Owners can submit and track maintenance requests or work orders through their homeowner portal. They’ll receive updates as the work progresses, making HOA management a breeze.

Custom Request Form Builder

Ask any questions, require uploaded documents, and send the requests to the right people. Use custom statuses to track the progress.

Threaded Communications

Keep homeowner conversations organized and separate within each request form. Ensure the right committee or board members receive and respond to communications.

Approval Workflows

Designate approvers for each request and improve organization by keeping requests out of your inbox.

Efficient Reporting

Quickly and easily run reports on outstanding and completed requests for your committees and maintenance crew to review. All requests can be seen in one dashboard, and admins receive an email notification when anything changes.

Secure Storage

PayHOA ensures top-level security with data encryption at rest and in transit.

Control Access with Permissions

Tailor access permissions for each document and folder in the HOA software. Share specific folders and documents with only designated individuals or select groups.

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface

Simplify organizing and managing your documents with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

Folder Structure

Create a logical folder structure to categorize and group related documents.

Fully Customizable Surveys

Choose the appropriate question and answer type to fit the needs of the survey you are building.

Anonymous Polling

Need to keep votes a secret? We can help with optional anonymous surveys.

Voting (coming soon)

Board elections can be complicated, involve mounds of paper ballots, and even have silly rules. Simplify your processes with our online voting module and get results fast.

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Weighted Votes

Sometimes, votes carry more weight than others. Account for that by applying different voting weights based on percentages or flat numbers.

Vote by Owner or Household

Set up elections that meet the requirements of your bylaws. Allow for and count votes by person and/or by home.





Paper and Digital Ballots

Take your voting completely online or have the option to mail ballots directly to homeowners.

Proxy Voting

Set up proxy voting for homeowners who cannot make the meeting or voting session.

Online Payments

Owners can pay online, see their account history and current balance, and easily set up autopay, putting their account on cruise control.

Easily Contact Board Members or Property Managers

Homeowners can submit requests to the board, respond to violations, and view shared documents, all online, from anywhere.

Community Engagement

Homeowners can stay connected with their board and neighbors through message boards, surveys, and a shared calendar.

Customized Permissions

Customize the experience for board members, committee members, and homeowners by allocating read and write permissions for each module and each person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can build in a fine for a violation at the time of creation or send a fine at a later date.

Our request forms are fully customizable, so you can call them whatever you want, ask whatever questions you want and use them for any purpose. Common request forms are architectural requests, maintenance requests/work orders, general requests, car tag requests, etc.

We do not set a storage limit on the documents section of the website. You can upload as much as you need.

Yes! You can create a customized survey through your PayHOA portal. Responses are tracked on the survey and can be anonymous.

Homeowners can see their financial account history (charges and payments), communication history, requests, violations, documents, calendar, message boards, contact information, payment methods and more.

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