Built for Self Managed Communities

Take Control with Our Self Managed HOA Software

PayHOA is software designed for self managed associations. Our streamlined, easy-to-use HOA management software gives you the power to run your organization just like the pros. You'll have all the tools you need to get the job done and, of course, we are here to help.

One Platform

Stop using multiple platforms to piece everything together. Consolidate your operations to create efficiencies and save time.

Save Time with Automation

End the era of manual check processing, paper check deposits, and spreadsheet management.

Online Payments

Streamline financial transactions with convenient online payments, saving time and reducing manual processing.


Automate check processing and deposits for efficient payment handling.


Cruise on autopilot with autopay. Homeowners can enjoy the convenience of streamlined payment processing, guaranteeing they never miss a payment due date again. Board members can kick their feet back and watch the payments roll in automatically.

Broadcast & Direct Mail

Keep homeowners informed and engaged with our mass communication tools. Keep it all online or send direct mail to homeowners' mailing addresses.

Owner Portals

Empower homeowners with a personalized, all-in-one hub that simplifies online payments, financial tracking, household management, and community engagement.

Professional Grade Accounting Reports Built for Non-Accountants

PayHOA provides beautiful report packets to share with your board. Our HOA accounting software was built with non-accountants in mind. Use our automated rules and bank connectivity to eliminate double entry and confusion.


Professional reports for self managed HOAs perfect to share with the board.

Bank Sync

Connect seamlessly with your bank to import transactions directly into your accounting system.

Accounting Rules

Effortlessly streamline your accounting process with clear, tagged entries using rule-based categorization.

Start Saving Now!

Communities that switch from a property manager save $15,000 per year on average. Why pay for services that you can easily self manage in 30 minutes a month?

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