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Registering for an event should be easy

5 Digital Registration Tips for Smoother Event Organization

By Jesse Hitt 15 Sep 2021

Barbecues, birthday parties, fundraisers — community events are a bonding experience that bring the members of your homeowners association together. Whether your event is large or small for the sake of saving money, you’ll need a structured process for staying […]

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Accounting software for homeowners association

Self Managed HOA Accounting Fundamentals

By Natalie J 08 Sep 2021

If you already have experience accounting or bookkeeping, you may feel completely prepared to volunteer as your HOA’s treasurer. As you learn the role, however, you may find that not all accounting is created equal. The right HOA accounting software […]

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HOA fundraisers can help you avoid extra assessments

5 Fun and Easy Community Fundraisers for All Year-Round

By Natalie J 31 Aug 2021

Managing a homeowners association requires strong communication skills, a solid understanding of community management best practices, and the right technological resources. However, to foster a sense of community, your homeowners association also needs a bit of fun.  Community fundraisers are […]

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Learn tips from a treasurer of a self managed HOA

Tips from a Self Managed HOA Treasurer

By Mike Bollinger 30 Aug 2021

Taking on the role of treasurer for your self managed HOA is a big responsibility. The financial fate of your HOA is at your fingertips. Want to learn from someone who has been there? Read on to find out about […]

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HOA Management Accounting Software

Budget Better with HOA Management Accounting Software

By Mike Bollinger 27 Aug 2021

HOA management accounting software can help improve digital collection rates, boost revenue, and provide analytical insights that lead to better financial decisions for communities. One major benefit of switching to HOA accounting software is that self-managed associations can forgo hiring […]

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self managed HOA software can replace your HOA management company

Can Software Replace Your HOA Management Company?

By Natalie J 27 Aug 2021

If you think you are paying your property management company too much and not getting enough in return, a self managed HOA may be the right option for you. While many think paying a third-party management company to run your […]

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Self Managed HOA

Making Your Self Managed HOA Appealing to Home Buyers

By Natalie J 27 Aug 2021

For self managed HOAs, the power to bring new home buyers into the community is in your hands. With a younger demographic of tech-savvy Millennials interested in buying homes in the suburbs, how you attract new homeowners is more important […]

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Self Managed HOA isn't that risky.

Self Managing Your HOA Isn’t as Risky as You Think

By Jesse Hitt 23 Jul 2021

Even though you may be aware of the many worthwhile benefits to self managing your HOA, it still can seem like a time-consuming, intimidating venture that may not be worth the hassle. If you’re considering HOA self management, there are […]

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hoa community management

HOA Community Management Best Practices

By Mike Bollinger 16 Jul 2021

Those who serve on homeowners association (HOA) boards do so because they want to give back to their community. Yet those who join their board also take on a high level of responsibility. After all, the decisions you make impact […]

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HOA accounting software

Financial Reporting with HOA Accounting Software

By Natalie J 09 Jul 2021

After your organization has set up its HOA accounting software and created a budget, the next step to a well-run, streamlined operation is to create financial reports. While a budget is a set of goals for your HOA, reports help […]

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