testimonial reviewer

Dolores C


11-50 employees


Real estate


Used > 2 years


Great for a self-managed HOA/POA

My experience with Payhoa has been really good. The staff is fabulous about getting back to me promptly when I have questions or am confused about a feature. Payhoa has saved our small community thousands of dollars annually and allowed us to be full self-managed. I think it's an easy site to get around, but suggest you contact Payhoa for a tutorial if you are new to the site. I should have done that immediately.

The software is user friendly, once you get working on it. The ability of our community owners to make requests of our various committees and the Board is invaluable. The accounting being linked to our bank makes end of moth reconciliations fast and easy. The "reports" section is great for overall info that I put into our Documents so our community can see where their money is being spent. It makes it all transparent. We are a small POA and were spending $10,000 a year on outside management. Saving thousands a year now allows us to spread our modest dues further on the amenities that make our community unique.

We change Board members every 2 years, which is a bit tough in the accounting department. I got us a bit messed up in the transactions section when I first started as there is a learning curve, and the previous Treasurer had only 6 months to work with the Payhoa staff to get everything imported from outside accounts and set up and running as smoothly as possible when I took over.