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It’s evident that HOA accounting software can help your self managed HOA more effectively manage your finances. But, you might be surprised at how helpful homeowners association software can be in all aspects of running a self managed HOA.

From accounting needs to the management of individual units and residents, homeowners association software can:

  • Track maintenance requests.
  • Receive payments.
  • Provide easy-to-use mass communication.
  • Generate accounting reports.
  • Manage a community calendar.

And so much more! One surprising way self managed HOAs can employ HOA accounting software is the maintenance of outdoor spaces. 

Lawn, leaf, and weed care is integral to any HOA. Residents join an HOA with the expectation that shared facilities and community members’ yards will remain beautifully maintained, raising their homes’ curb appeal and property value. 

When the neighborhood looks overgrown, residents will feel disappointed with their HOA management and wonder where their dues go. Homeowners association software can help HOA management ensure things never get this far out of hand.

Benefits of Proper Leaf and Lawn Care

A beautifully maintained lawn adds visual appeal to any home, raising the property value. An overgrown, weedy lawn littered with leaves can do the opposite, turning homebuyers off the property and those around it. 

But maintaining a lawn does far more than simply look nice. Healthy lawns provide many environmental benefits, such as:

  • preventing erosion
  • improving flood control
  • aiding the breakdown of organic chemicals
  • providing a habitat for wildlife
  • allowing water to penetrate the soil better

Grass has a dense network of roots that remove pollutants from the water as it enters the soil, improving overall environmental health. As grass naturally sheds, it provides essential nutrients to the earth, maintaining fertile ground and a healthy lawn.

Healthy lawns improve the overall neighborhood by:

  • reducing noise
  • improving air quality and providing oxygen
  • creating a cooling effect in hot weather and protecting frozen ground in cold weather

Lawns, trees, and shrubs can cool the overall temperature up to 14 degrees, reducing sky-high air conditioning bills in the summer for your residents and HOA.

Well-maintained lawns encourage community engagement and promote overall well-being for residents. Investing in lawn maintenance is genuinely an investment in your community’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

PayHOA homeowners association software

Leaf and Lawn Care in the Fall

Autumn brings cooler weather, cozy sweaters, and a brilliant flash of color from the changing leaves. But, as those leaves fall, they can make the neighborhood look unkempt. Beyond looking untidy, leaves covering the ground are not good for the lawn and soil.

Raking leaves is important and maintains the health of lawns by:

  • allowing the lawn to receive necessary sunlight
  • eliminating damaging lawn thatch 
  • preventing diseases that can harm trees and other plants

Homeowners association software can help coordinate leaf cleanup within the community with mass communication tools. Use a mass email or text message to encourage homeowners to complete their raking before the first frost for lawn health. 

HOA management can send emails, phone calls, or mass texts to remind residents of community rules such as when to complete raking and what to do with their leaves, all within HOA accounting software.

Using leaves for mulch is an environmentally friendly way to better care for lawns. Composting leaves creates nutrient-dense mulch that will benefit lawns. Use the communication tools in your HOA accounting software to organize a fun community composting initiative. Your grass, plants, and trees will thank you, and your residents will enjoy working together to better the community.

PayHOA homeowners association software

Best Practices for Weed Control

Weeding is another crucial part of maintaining a healthy lawn. The first step is knowing what weeds to remove, and how. An online guide like this one can be helpful, but the most common weeds will vary depending on the location of your HOA. 

HOA management can create a community weed control education program and share information about weeds common in your area and the best way to remove them through mass communication tools in homeowners association software. Providing guidelines or rules around weed removal ensures homeowners safely keep yards healthy and visually appealing.

Manual weed removal is a safe and organic solution that instantly kills weeds upon uprooting. The benefits of manual weed removal are:

  • kills weeds permanently
  • doesn’t harm other plants or animals
  • gives instant results

Of course, manual weed removal is a physically taxing job, and it only works if weeds are entirely removed. Organizing community weed removal initiatives using homeowners association software can turn a challenging task into a fun community activity. Due to physical limitations or extreme heat, some residents may be unable to hand-pull weeds. A bit of organization can get community members to step up and help each other. 

Another option is spraying weeds. Using herbicides has its advantages:

  • It’s far easier to kill large quantities of weeds.
  • Some herbicides can prevent new weeds from growing.
  • Selective herbicides won’t cause damage to other plants and grass.

Weeds still need to be pulled after being sprayed with herbicides, but they are much easier to remove. Using mass communication tools in homeowners association software can inform residents which herbicides are safe to use, protecting pets and lawns from chemical damage. 

Many people use a combination of manual weed removal and herbicides. However your HOA decides to approach this weedy problem, you can clearly communicate it to your residents with homeowners association software.

How Homeowners Association Software Can Help Maintain Beautiful Lawns and Outdoor Spaces

Effective leaf and lawn care is paramount to a successful self managed HOA. Healthy lawns are good for property value and community members’ mental and physical well-being. But, it’s not always easy to ensure community members care for their lawns properly. 

Here’s where HOA accounting software can help:

  • Communication tools can broadcast information to all residents, such as a spraying schedule or helpful instructions for managing common weeds.
  • Community forums enable neighbors to share tips and tricks on keeping their lawns beautiful year-round.
  • A maintenance calendar can help the HOA manage common areas by scheduling daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual maintenance for common lawns and landscaping.

Not all HOA accounting software has all of these features. PayHOA’s software can be used to enforce covenant bylaws around maintaining yards and landscaping. The software allows management and homeowners to track violations of the laws in their easy-to-use portal. Residents can pay their dues or fines through the system and even set up autopay if they’d like. 

PayHOA’s software is uniquely designed to fit the needs of any size HOA. Explore these features and more by setting up an introductory call to learn how PayHOA can help your self managed HOA with everything from processing payments to managing units and maintaining gorgeous outdoor spaces. PayHOA’s software is intuitive and affordable, making managing an HOA as easy and breezy as sitting on the front porch admiring a well-manicured lawn.

PayHOA offers an HOA management software solution for HOAs of any size or managerial priorities. To find out if PayHOA fits all your HOA management needs, try our software free for 30 days. 

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