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Self Managed HOA Software for Worry-Free Vacation Condo Rental

self managed condo association software

The vacation rental industry has become a part of the landscape for anyone who wants a nice place to stay when out of town, but prefers to avoid hotels and has the means to afford something a bit nicer. Whether they want to save money or simply enjoy cooking while away from home, many people would rather be in a home environment than a hotel when on vacation. This makes the fully equipped kitchen found in most AirBnB situations attractive. The AirBnB factor can add some complexity to the board of a homeowners’ association, and having AirBnBs operating in your community is a good reason to give self managed HOA software a serious look.

As the AirBnB industry evolves, more homeowners are deciding to offer their condominiums as AirBnB rentals. Staying in a condo offers a few potential advantages to guests as well: they’re often in nicer neighborhoods, part of a more secure gated community, and usually have community amenities such as golf courses, swimming pools, and maybe a waterfront view available for guests’ use. All this means that renting condominiums as Airbnb properties is quickly gaining popularity. It also means that a lot of people renting condos have one goal in mind—having a good time. This is fine, but without established standards, it can quickly turn a neighborhood into a sort of “Margaritaville” during vacation season. These properties are going to need oversight and management. 

If you’re part of managing an HOA in a neighborhood made up of condominiums, you might want to consider the advantages of self managed condo association software to help keep track of what’s going on in your community properties. Having your rules spelled out before opening your community to vacation rentals is imperative, and HOA software helps you communicate those rules with homeowners—and their immediate neighbors—when guests occupy a home or unit.

Self managed condo association software can mean the difference between having a fairly simple time managing what’s happening in your community and suffering the numerous pitfalls and challenges faced by condominium owners in managing AirBnB rentals. Let’s discuss a few of those proverbial “pop tops” and how self managed condo association software can help keep you from stepping on one.   

self managed hoa

Understanding Condo Rules and Regulations

 Nobody wants to blow out a flip-flop. Most people, knowing what the standards are, will abide by them. Homeowners in your community who intend to rent their condo should understand what the HOA’s rules and regulations say, and why. When people understand the rationale behind a rule, they may be more likely to respect it. And for an HOA using self managed condo association software, it’s easy to communicate standards and the reasons behind them to guests.

Rental restrictions such as limitations on which pets (if any) are allowed in the home, and how much they’re allowed to weigh are common. Parking instructions and rules for pool and jacuzzi areas are also common. HOAs routinely impose restrictions on noise levels and how many people can occupy a dwelling at one time. The rules and regulations vary according to location, climate, and neighborhood preferences.

Self managed HOA software can help owners stay updated on rules and regulations, and communicate those restrictions clearly to their Airbnb guests, so nobody ends up with a warning or a fine from the local association. It’s hard enough for guests to keep up with a lost shaker of salt without having to deal with an HOA infraction they weren’t aware they were violating. Ensuring absent homeowners know the rules will help them communicate more clearly with their guests.

self managed condo association software

Managing Noise Complaints

Guests on vacation can be…rowdy. Some people claim that there’s an HOA to blame when AirBnB guests receive noise complaints, but the blame only lands on an HOA that fails to clearly convey regulations and standards. It’s common for noise complaints to lead to negative interactions between neighbors, and between full-time residents of a community and AirBnB guests just there for the season. Make sure homeowners can easily address noise complaints by providing a software solution that allows them to communicate with the HOA online. Another benefit is that self managed condo association software interactions are documented for future reference.

The key to keeping the peace is preventing noise issues before they arise. For a self managed HOA, that key comes in the form of the right communication software. 

Maintenance and Cleanliness

Most Airbnb guests are house-trained adults with the best of intentions, but every now and then, a host might get a message from the HOA about trash left on a doorstep, a dented mailbox, or even a broken window.  

“How it got here I haven’t a clue” can never be an acceptable answer when the HOA rules are clearly communicated about maintaining a clean and well-maintained property appearance for renting purposes. Sure—when accidents occur, it’s nobody’s fault, but procedures should be in place for dealing with such events as well as cleanliness oversights. Managing expectations is all about free-flowing communication.

Levying a fine is an HOA’s last resort, and no homeowner wants to get slapped with one. But knowing fines are a possibility can provide a deterrent to homeowners who rent their condos and motivate them to keep their guests under control. Self managed condo association software simplifies establishing rules and consequences. It also provides some distance between HOA officers and homeowners. This can avoid any bad feelings or interactions between homeowners and the association. Everything can be done online, and it’s all established before a guest steps into a rental property.

If the deficiency is on the homeowner’s side, self managed condo association software also makes it simple for a guest to send a message to the owner about a cleanliness or maintenance issue. Making certain features of self managed condo association software available to AirBnB guests can greatly simplify resolving maintenance issues. The software’s task management and maintenance tracking features can help homeowners maintain high standards for their guests by simplifying:

  • Work orders—guests making frozen concoctions need a working ice maker. If something is broken, make it easy for them to request a quick repair.
  • Maintenance requests—maybe the previous guests cruised on back home without reporting damage to the property; guests can submit maintenance requests online, and homeowners can communicate.
self managed condo association software


Accidents—they’re nobody’s fault, but they happen nevertheless. The importance of having appropriate insurance coverage for AirBnB condominium rentals can’t be overstated. For example, a condo owner who rents waterfront property, has a swimming pool, or offers amenities such as a boat, jet ski, or even kayaks, needs specialized insurance to cover accidents on the property or using provided recreational equipment.

Self managed condo association software can make accident reporting and documentation as simple as reporting a maintenance issue. The software can even assist in managing insurance-related documents and processes by providing homeowners with online sharing and storage of documents. So if a guest cuts their heel while they’re cruising on home from an HOA-managed property, you’re covered.

Effective Communication with Residents

Wherever an AirBnB condo is located, effective communication might be the reason AirBnB guests stay there all season and come back again and again. Open and transparent communication between the HOA and homeowner facilitates the same clear channel between the condo owner and their guests. Most common problems are easily dealt with through open communication. Without it, the simplest issue can escalate into a confrontation and, perish the thought, bad reviews for the rental property and host.

To avoid conflicts and misunderstandings, establish rules and expectations up front with homeowners. Introduce the software’s communication tools and features to foster better community engagement through user-friendly:

  • private messaging
  • voting features
  • violations notification and payment


PayHOA’s self managed condo association software can help alleviate some of the common mistakes made by AirBnB condo owners. Its robust features make taking care of routine administrative tasks simple. With features like these, homeowners can avoid violations and, in turn, keep their guests on the straight-and-narrow as well:

  • Communication tools—send mass emails, SMS, and automatic phone calls.
  • Online Payment Features—pay violation fines effortlessly.
  • Surveys and Voting—it’s all digital.
  • Maintenance, Architectural, and General Requests—they’re all in one place.
  • Community Engagement—it’s easy (and potentially fun) with a private message board.
  • Online documents—share and manage everything in one place.

Explore PayHOAs self managed condo association software for smoother and more successful AirBnB rentals. Association board members and homeowners alike benefit, and with all the simple communication options, AirBnB guests will too.

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