Technology Trends Transforming HOA Community Management Today

Technology trends are transforming HOA management, simplifying accounting and other processes, making environmentally-friendly changes, and increasing safety and satisfaction for residents.
Technology trends are transforming HOA management, simplifying accounting and other processes, making environmentally-friendly changes, and increasing safety and satisfaction for residents.

Across industries, technology continues to disrupt the status quo. Streaming services like Netflix virtually put Blockbuster out of business by offering a wide variety of movie selections to watch without ever leaving the house. Short-term rental apps like Airbnb allow everyday people to rent their properties, compete with hotels, and change the tourism and hospitality industry. 

Technology is also changing HOA management. The following trends simplify managing finances and records while increasing safety and property value. All of this can be done without depending on an expensive outside HOA management company. 

HOA community management software 

HOAs commonly use social media platforms like Facebook and NextDoor to share announcements. Members will communicate with each other through messaging and posting features. These platforms are free, fast, and convenient, but using them has risks. 

Social media exposes the association and its members to privacy invasion, theft of information, and defamation by outsiders. Also, social media is not a professional and reliable way to deliver notices and legal communications from board members to residents. 

HOA management software like PayHOA provides a private portal for board members and homeowners to communicate and collaborate.  Board volunteers can send formal notices to members for violations and mass calls, emails, and texts for less formal communication. . The platform also features a message board for residents to engage with each other. 

PayHOA’s software simplifies HOA management with features designed with associations’ needs in mind.

  • Secure and instant online payments and auto-pay for dues
  • Ability to maintain records by owner or unit
  • Posting meeting minutes 
  • Violations tracking and enforcement 
  • All communication surrounding requests in one place

HOA community management software can also replace Quickbooks for accounting. PayHOA’s software is easy to use even for those with no previous accounting experience.

HOA management software creates a centralized place for everything involving the HOA and its members. Increased transparency between board members and homeowners increases residents’ confidence that their dues are used to improve their neighborhood and keep their property value high. Having rules and regulations easily accessible for members helps avoid surprises, disputes, and fines. 

Privacy HOA software

Feedback tools

HOAs are created to serve their community members. With HOA community management software like PayHOA, you can get feedback from members when making decisions.

PayHOA’s survey and voting features get input from members in the best and most efficient way:

  • The option for anonymity empowers members to share their honest opinions. 
  • View results as percentages or in detail for each question.
  • The survey can be sent to all or a selection of homeowners.
  • Questions can be created with images or text. 

Many responsibilities and challenges in everyday life can prevent people from expressing their important ideas and valid opinions. They may have to attend their child’s play during the board meeting. They may be too overwhelmed with work to take the time to craft a convincing email to the board president. They may prefer to share their opinions anonymously rather than directly during a meeting.

The more community members feel valued and heard the more satisfied with their HOA they will be. HOAs with a poor reputation dissuade homeowners from purchasing in the area. By regularly asking for suggestions and opinions, HOA management ensures homeowners are happy with the association. 

License plate readers (LPR) 

LPR cameras are motion-activated and scan license plates of cars driving in the area. Some, like Flock Safety cameras, integrate with local law enforcement databases. They automatically alert authorities if a wanted or missing vehicle has driven through the community. LPR cameras are a preventative measure for the association to increase safety in a neighborhood or multi-unit building while reducing overall crime rates. 

If a crime is unfortunately committed in the area, an LPR camera is helpful for the investigation. Finding a license plate number is the number one piece of evidence the police need to take action after a crime. 

Electronic key fobs

Providing residents with a key fob for access to amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, or gym ensures no one is permitted access without an authorized member. Residents can feel safer using the amenities available. Restricting access can also reduce crowding for popular amenities like a pool during the summer. 

Condo associations (COAs) managing multi-unit buildings can use electronic key fobs to restrict access to the halls for anyone who doesn’t live there. Installing electronic key fobs is an efficient measure to limit access to strangers and prevent crime in your community. 

Digital waivers

Members often invite guests to enjoy amenities in the community. Waivers to use these amenities legally protects the association. By replacing paper waivers with digital waivers, the filing system is completely automated, decreasing volunteer tasks and improving organization. Waivers can be easily accessed as needed.

Signing a digital waiver is also more convenient for the guest, they can sign it at home before arriving or on a digital device at the location. 

Paperless waivers will save your association costs on ink and paper. And, it’s also good for the environment. 

The right HOA community management software can replace existing, outdated systems with a variety of digital systems:

  • Sending newsletters rather than traditional paper newsletters
  • Recording board minutes and meetings within the software
  • Collecting and distributing online payments rather than paper checks
  • Delivering notices to members via the platform rather than on paper 
LPR cameras are a preventative measure for the association to increase safety in a neighborhood or multi-unit building while reducing overall crime rates. 

Smart technology  

The latest smart technology improves life for residents, saves money, and benefits the environment. For example, smart sprinkler systems account for the weather and water each area accordingly. They save water by not overlapping or spraying sidewalks, which is no fun for pedestrians in the area! They make properties more beautiful by watering lawns and landscaping as needed for the fauna to thrive.

Smart appliances like motion-activated lights and smart thermostats use less energy. Both HOAs and COAs can install them in common areas to save costs on utility bills. For COAs, installing these devices throughout the units themselves makes the building use significantly less fossil fuel, decreasing the carbon footprint.

Smart devices and sensors can detect humidity, water leaks, and temperature issues and alert HOA management. By finding these issues early, the association can fix the issue before it becomes more expensive to do so. Tools like IOTAS let associations control maintenance remotely, enabling them to do more with fewer management volunteers and staff.

Buildings enabled with the latest smart technology are attractive to many people looking to buy. Upgrading units and common areas with smart devices can be a major selling point for properties within your association. 

Solar panels

Solar panels save a great deal of energy. You can install solar panels on common areas like clubhouses and use solar-powered street lamps, and solar-powered timer switches. This technology can be expensive to install but saves money in the long run. Some states offer tax credits and incentives for HOAs that incorporate energy-efficient technologies. 

Investing in technology for your association not only saves money but shows your adaptability and commitment to residents. By providing members with the latest technology, you make their lives more convenient, including the ability to pay membership dues and voice their opinion. They will know the association values the safety of their family with the installation of modern advancements that prevent crime. 

With the latest technology, you can take HOA community management into your own hands, making residents more engaged and safe. PayHOA provides a comprehensive management platform for self-managed homeowners associations.

PayHOA offers an HOA management software solution for HOAs of any size or managerial priorities. To find out if PayHOA fits all your HOA management needs, try our software free for 30 days.

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