Features You Need in HOA Management Accounting

HOA management accounting software contains the features your organization needs to optimize operations.
HOA management accounting software contains the features your organization needs to optimize operations.

While many HOAs implement various software solutions to manage the financial aspect of their organization, only HOA accounting software provides a holistic solution that goes far beyond bookkeeping. Running an HOA is a nuanced endeavor requiring top-notch organization that most accounting software is unable to accommodate.

Too often, HOAs rely on a miscellany of general bookkeeping software, spreadsheets, and scattered papers to manage their organization. Much gets lost in the shuffle this way, which can get overwhelming for the volunteers. As a result, the HOA hires a third-party property management company to take over, and they lose control of their HOA.

Comprehensive HOA management accounting software should offer your HOA multiple features to ease the day-to-day of your operation so you can remain in charge. Your HOA can even benefit from HOA accounting software if you’re already working with third-party management.

Multi-functional HOA management accounting software facilitates clear communication, simple finance management, and easy access for all: your HOA board, volunteers, and especially the homeowners.

HOA accounting software should not only provide a place to do your bookkeeping, but also manage violations, send emails, and allow homeowners to complete payments. Below, we have outlined the most essential processes HOA software should facilitate.

Table of Contents

  1. HOA Specific Accounting and Robust Reports
  2. Accessibility for All Parties
  3. Versatile Lockbox

HOA Specific Accounting and Robust Reports

HOA management accounting software offers robust reporting to reveal financial trends in your organization.
HOA management accounting software offers robust reporting to reveal financial trends in your organization.

HOAs often seek new software to handle their complex accounting needs. While some accounting-specific software can suffice, most iterations are set up to accommodate a customer-business owner relationship, which HOAs must adjust their processes to rather than begin a seamless integration.

Since HOA management accounting software is specifically tailored to the needs of an HOA, it will ultimately serve your organization much better than general accounting software can. PayHOA offers the most robust HOA management accounting software, featuring bulk invoicing for units, custom tags and fields, and detailed transaction history by both property and owner.

These various features streamline the HOA’s bookkeeping process and save it a lot of valuable time. Accounting for your HOA is not simply collecting and spending money, however; it also requires careful monitoring, analysis, and regular check-ins. HOA management accounting software can help you achieve sound financial health for your organization with its various report templates.

Good financial reporting will help your HOA stay on budget, anticipate big expenses, and overall be a more financially sound organization. Having readily available report templates in PayHOA means all you need to do is generate them when you are ready.

HOA accounting software should offer some of the following reports:

  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Budget Report
  • General Ledger
  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Account Register 

Keeping a careful eye on these reports will make financial management a breeze. Clear and thorough reports help your HOA remain compliant, prepare for its annual audit, and foster good financial health in the community. It ultimately proves the continued success and viability of the HOA to the board and homeowners.

Analyzing and presenting these reports regularly at board or community meetings will help create trust that the HOA is doing a good job of managing their finances and fostering a financially sound future for the neighborhood.

Accessibility for All Parties

HOA management accounting software provides versatile options to create accessibility for homeowners.
HOA management accounting software provides versatile options to create accessibility for homeowners.

An HOA is more than accounting, so your software should accommodate more than your finances. HOA management accounting software acts as a central hub for all facets of an HOA: current and completed work orders, homeowner requests, violations, website, newsletter, communications, and dues.

With web-based software like PayHOA, HOA volunteers can log in from any location to perform their duties, and homeowners can access their account to pay dues, set up Autopay, and view any submitted requests or received violations. This makes it easier for homeowners to do their part, and for HOAs to receive what they need.

All parties can access the same system of record at their convenience, which minimizes frustration by creating transparency between the HOA and the homeowners. Additionally, all transaction history is stored within the system. It can be viewed by dwelling or by its occupant to display the most accurate history of payments, requests, or violations.

Comprehensive HOA management accounting software should also offer multiple modes of communication for your HOA. Texts, emails, and phone calls can be scheduled through PayHOA to notify your homeowners of important upcoming dates, overdue payments, or emergency notifications. These can be created and sent as individual messages or en masse.

These communications are stored in the system for future use and as a record to see which homeowners received which message. This creates a robust history of what people have received and prevents any confusion as to which homeowner received which message, and when.

PayHOA also has a physical mail component for any messages important enough to send via post. Simply upload a PDF of your document to be mailed, and PayHOA will print, stuff, and mail out the communication for you. 

Versatile Lockbox

Even though most people prefer online payments, and they continue to gain popularity each year, your HOA will most likely have at least one homeowner who prefers to pay monthly or yearly dues with a check.

It is essential that all homeowners and their chosen payment types are accommodated. Payment versatility increases homeowner happiness, and your HOA management accounting software should facilitate this.

Usually, receiving a check means coordinating a delivery or pick-up, taking it to a specific bank, and depositing it there. PayHOA’s Lockbox feature eliminates the extra steps and takes care of your physical checks for you.

This in-house solution assigns a PO Box for your HOA. Homeowners can mail their checks there, where PayHOA will retrieve the checks, deposit them to the appropriate bank, and scan them into your account for thorough record keeping. This can be integrated with any bank and eliminates extra labor by the HOA.

A versatile, accessible, and streamlined system provides an up-to-date system of record where all functions of an HOA can be handled efficiently. A well-managed HOA will increase homeowner satisfaction. With HOA management accounting software, the power is in the hands of the HOA.

PayHOA offers an HOA management software solution for HOAs of any size or managerial priorities. To find out if PayHOA fits all your HOA management needs, try our software free for 30 days. 

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