HOA Management Software With Human Support

hoa management software with human support
HOA management software comes with a human touch.

Residents and HOA management are happiest when operations run smoothly and transparently. To meet this goal, HOAs often look to technology to facilitate a more efficient process. But while technology promises many advantages, no software can replace the nuance of human support.

Sometimes transitioning from a paper-based method or a third-party management company to HOA management software can create a feeling of alienation. PayHOA ensures that organizations can satisfy the demands of an increasingly digital world and their own personal needs.

PayHOA’s multifaceted software offers the best of both worlds: the personal knowledge of a human being and the convenience of tech. Change can be scary, but with human support, it can be empowering. PayHOA works closely with HOAs to learn about their evolving needs and help them function as smoothly as possible.

Table of Contents

  1. Digital Payment Options for Easy Collections
  2. One on One Onboarding With HOA Experts
  3. PayHOA Continuously Evolves

Digital Payment Options for Easy Collections

When many HOAs begin to consider adopting HOA management software, their main impetus is to collect monthly or yearly dues and fees digitally. PayHOA’s intuitive interface enables seamless online payments, making it easier for homeowners to pay. 

Collecting paper payments requires the complicated coordination of multiple homeowners, HOA volunteers, and their individual schedules, plus the bank’s operating hours. 

PayHOA allows organizations to link their bank accounts directly to its online bank ledger, accessible at any time. With digital payments, homeowners can submit their payments from home, and the HOA can immediately see a payment has been made from their office – no in-person coordination required.

Digital payments process more quickly than a check, and they offer transparency to both parties. The convenience of digital payments can improve collection rates.

According to a 2019 study by the Federal Reserve, automated digital payments continue to outpace checks in terms of popularity. Using digital payments for an HOA helps your organization stay relevant as tech takes over.

Not only are digital payments becoming the norm, but people want options to pay their expenses, from using a debit or credit card to scheduling monthly drafts with autopay. 

Automatic payments help busy homeowners juggling their daily responsibilities worry about one less task to complete. They also prevent payment deadlines that coincide with vacations, business trips, or stressful life events. 

With autopay, bills are less likely to be forgotten about and left unpaid for days or weeks. Each homeowner that schedules an automatic draft for their dues is one less payment to worry about.  

HOA management software comes packed with features
HOA Management Software simplifies payments for both homeowners and the HOA board.

There will still be homeowners that prefer to pay with a check, and PayHOA’s Lockbox feature accommodates those homeowners as well. 

With Lockbox, PayHOA assigns a PO Box for your HOA. Homeowners can mail their checks to the designated box, and the checks are then scanned and deposited electronically into the HOA’s bank account without being handled by an administrator. 

PayHOA offers HOAs digital accounting for contemporary organizations because it caters to the demands of forward-thinking homeowners and the HOAs they work with. With PayHOA, homeowners can schedule automatic payments; not all HOA management software offers this indispensable feature..

Residents can easily track their payment history through PayHOA’s homeowner portal. With PayHOAs homeowner portal, residents never have to wonder about the status of their payment. Homeowners can access their portal at any time, saving both parties time and  potential confusion.

One on One Onboarding With HOA Experts

Updating your current process to an HOA management software solution can be intimidating. Implementing a new system creates new challenges and learning moments for both the HOA and homeowners. PayHOA’s onboarding and support staff helps your HOA make a seamless transition to a digital operation.

PayHOA’s intuitive, web-based interface allows for a quick and easy setup that can be completed in just a few minutes, and PayHOA’s expert support team will guide you every step of the way.

The PayHOA support team consists of experts on both HOA management software and HOA operations. They work with HOAs through any worries and concerns that arise throughout the process. The PayHOA team provides guidance as new users transition from their previous process to their new software.

  • PayHOA empowers its users to take control of their organization and the way it is managed.
  • All PayHOA users own their data, so there’s no need to worry about losing valuable information.
  • PayHOA helps HOAs navigate this new frontier of HOA management software
  • PayHOA is constantly improving, so your platform will continue upgrading its tools and services to help you run your HOA smoothly.

Not only does PayHOA already have a full roster of essential features for any HOA, new capabilities are regularly added to support each HOAs changing needs and desires. PayHOA continually listens to the organizations and their unique problems.

Each HOA and its homeowners are unique, and thus have different needs for their HOA management software. PayHOA frequently works with individual HOAs to help use the software in ways that are helpful to their particular organization.

HOA management software is flexible
HOA management software allows volunteers to take on many duties themselves, and provides the flexibility to run your HOA however you see fit.

PayHOA Continuously Evolves

PayHOA’s knowledgeable support team works with HOAs for solutions. Sometimes these solutions prove to be universally useful for many HOAs, and they become permanent features for all users. PayHOA always takes feature requests and suggestions from their community of users.

One example of a permanent solution is PayHOA’s physical mail feature. Users can upload a PDF and send newsletters, violations, invoices, or any other type of mail to their residents. PayHOA takes care of printing the mail, stuffing it in the envelope, postage, and sending it out. You can even include return envelopes and a payment slip. Plus, delivery is trackable through the platform.

The direct mail feature is perfect for HOAs who want to reap the benefits of digital tools while keeping one foot planted in the physical world.

While “going digital” solves many problems HOAs experience, the necessity and importance of the human element remains. Managing an HOA consists of juggling many different activities, and PayHOA can integrate and assist with many of those aspects. For those wanting to have more control over their operation, PayHOA offers the ability to run your organization the way you want to.

Tedious tasks such as collecting payments can consume an HOA’s valuable time that would be more rewarding to devote to high-level work. A comprehensive management software bolstered by an expert support team gives HOAs the opportunity to focus on their more complex projects and long-term goals. 

The world is changing but PayHOA knows what HOAs need for a streamlined organization. That’s why over 7,000 HOAs across the country trust PayHOA to help make their neighborhoods a better place to live. 

PayHOA offers an HOA management software solution for HOAs of any size or managerial priorities. To find out if PayHOA fits all your HOA management needs, try our software free for 30 days.

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